It is a different and solid business in full expansion, is an industry that does not stop growing even in times of crisis, because 90% of the burden in this great country moves on wheels and there we are to offer our services to our investors to be part of an industry that moves more than 800 billion a year.


Why invest in transportation?
Transportation in the United States is an industry that does not stop growing even in times of crisis, 90% of the cargo in this great country moves on wheels.
Investment security
You have security of your investment since your own company owns your equipment and has all the corresponding insurance to be able to transport and operate cargo within the United States, you are also offered a unique and spectacular mechanical warranty that covers you: damage to the engine , transmission, differentials, turbo, injectors and pollution system, through an associated company that in turn is the largest in the country providing these mechanical guarantees covering 2 years or 250 thousand miles.
Cost effectiveness
Very few businesses can offer you high profitability as the transportation industry.
Based on statistics the profitability is from 17% to 24% annual percent depending on all operational factors.


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